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About of Factory

Since 2018, STARCRAFT ENGINEERING, Foundry is a unique in foundry industries with combination of state-of-at machineries and experienced team. We are expertize in Cast iron and ductile iron casting with an approachable and customer focused attitude. Our performance and personnel are second to none. We operate under single tier management system, which allow us to provide you with spark-quick response to your demand. We managing and controlling whole process of foundry from first to last process as a RIGHT FROM THE START concept. We are experts in producing castings using various moulding processes, such as Green Sand Moulding, Molasses Moulding, No-Bake Moulding and CO2 Process.

Our Capabilities

  • Casting Cast Iron material Grade:GG15, GG20, GG25, GG30, GG35
  • Casting Ductile Iron material Grade: GGG40, GGG50, GGG60
  • Special Alloy addition material
  • Short run production casting: < 25 Pcs
  • Medium run production casting: 25-10000 Pcs
  • Casting weight range: 0.4 Kgs to 400 Kgs Single piece

About Us

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